Best of C-Level Executive Job Search Strategies

by Meg Guiseppi on May 29, 2009

With the impact of this economy and social media, landing your next C-suite gig may be an entirely different experience for you than the last time you tackled it. Here are 10 of my posts to help you get a foothold:

6 Essential Strategies To Land Your Next Great C-Level Executive Job

Personal branding, online brand identity-building, networking, social media, and targeted research are must-do strategies.

How to Target and Network into Hidden C-Level Executive Jobs

Add targeted career research to your personal brand and c-level executive job search toolkit. Proactively attack c-level executive job search with informed and purposeful networking.

LinkedIn Tips for Executive Job Search and Research

Leverage LinkedIn to search jobs, research companies for market intelligence and due diligence, and connect/re-connect with people.

Prepare for Executive Job Search Before You Have To!

These days there’s no such thing as a permanent job. Be ready, in case you’re thrown into job search.

Executive Job Search: Top 100 Niche Job Boards

If you’re going to spend time posting your resume, use the niche job boards instead of the big boards.

Working With Executive Recruiters: Interview with Jeff Lipschultz

Great advice on recruiting the recruiter, personal branding, social media, interviewing, and executive resumes.

Mastering the C-level Executive Interview

Leverage the value of your softer skills in interviews to generate the kind of chemistry that will position you as a good fit for the right organization.

Top 10 Trends for 2009 C-Level Executive Job Search and Personal Brand Management

Find out what every top-level executive needs to be working on just to keep pace with their competition, in job search and overall healthy career management.

Looking for a C-level Executive Job in the Green Industry? Target and Network Your Way In

Network your way into your next C-level job to tap into the hidden job market, circumvent the gatekeepers, and deal directly with decision makers.

The World’s Most Influential Executive Recruiters

BusinessWeek compiled an interactive report of the world’s top 150 headhunters, considering a number of factors, along with contact information and a full profile for each.

C-Level Job Search: 9 Ways To Move Forward After a Layoff

Simple things you can do to propel yourself forward after the crushing blow of a layoff.

10 Ways You Sabotage Your Executive Job Search

If you’re not making progress with your job search, stop looking at what’s happening outside and take a close look at yourself. How are you stopping yourself making progress?

Executive Job Search Secrets: The Power of A Hand-Written Thank You Note

If you’re contemplating a career move or you’re already in the thick of a job search, invest in some quality, attractive-looking thank notes and plenty of postage stamps, and start using them regularly.

Executive Job Search 2.0: Have You Self-Googled Lately?

Not in the habit of monitoring your online identity? You should be. If you’re in an executive job search, recruiters and hiring decision makers are Googling you for deeper information before considering you for the positions they’re trying to fill.

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