The 3 Make or Break Executive Job Interview Questions

by Meg Guiseppi on March 28, 2012


You’re probably thinking the dreaded “Tell me about yourself” poser is in the list of three.

But it turns out your answer to that question may not be the deciding factor in landing a job.

According to George Bradt, in his Forbes article, Top Executive Recruiters Agree There Are Only Three True Job Interview Questions, your answers to these three questions are the only true indicators of strengths, motivation and fit:

1.  Can you do the job? (strengths)
2.  Will you love the job? (motivation)
3.  Can we tolerate working with you? (fit)

Regarding fit, Kevin Kelly, Heidrick & Struggles CEO, made the point:

“40 percent of senior executives leave organizations or are fired or pushed out within 18 months. It’s not because they’re dumb; it’s because a lot of times culturally they may not fit in with the organization or it’s not clearly articulated to them as they joined.”

Bradt suggests that, in preparing for interviews, job seekers should be ready to provide examples illustrating their strengths, what motivates them about the company and the position, and what makes them a good fit in terms of their own preferences and the company’s needs.

To pinpoint those examples and develop value proposition stories around them, read my post, Storytelling Propels Executive Branding and Job Search.

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