Punch Up Your Executive Brand Elevator Pitch

by Meg Guiseppi on February 22, 2012

Executive Brand Elevator Pitch

Throughout your job search, you’ve probably been cornered by people who work very hard at networking.

But they haven’t worked hard enough on their elevator pitch. They don’t have a clear and compelling message about who they are, and their spiel is usually WAY too long.

You know the type. They’re so eager to be heard and tell you all about themselves that they don’t realize how ineffectual their pitch is. From the moment they open their mouths, they fail to capture your interest. What they’re saying is just plain boring.

Are you one of those people or is your brand pitch memorable, hard-hitting and wrapped around your unique value to target employers?

Read about crafting your elevator pitch at my Executive Career Brand blogsite.

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photo by Steve Snodgrass

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