My Best of LinkedIn Tips and Resources

by Meg Guiseppi on May 1, 2009

In response to reader requests, here are my favorite LinkedIn blog posts:

My FREE E-BOOK: Executive Branding and Your LinkedIn Profile

Transform your executive brand, resume, and career biography into a winning LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn Tips for Executive Job Search and Research

Limit your time on job boards. Instead, leverage LinkedIn to search jobs, research companies for market intelligence and due diligence, and connect/re-connect with people.

The 20 Most Common LinkedIn Mistakes

Avoid these blunders. Build your profile right and leverage LinkedIn’s personal branding and executive job search benefits.

Baby Boomer Executives Afraid of LinkedIn and Social Media

Today’s c-level/senior-level executive job search requires a branded, searchable LinkedIn profile.

How to Target and Network into Hidden C-Level Executive Jobs

LinkedIn is one of many excellent resources to find company, industry and people information. Put together a targeted list of companies of interest to you and further leverage LinkedIn to connect with decision makers at those companies.

Above the Fold C-Level Personal Branding

Take a look at your executive resume, LinkedIn profile, VisualCV, and other career marketing communications. What has immediate impact? What do you notice first? Do your brand and value proposition hit home at first glance?

Giving and Getting Great LinkedIn Recommendations To Accelerate Executive Job Search

Compelling, on-brand recommendations on your LinkedIn profile from those who know your work and value best, are a powerful way to attract your target audience, when combined with a strong, well-written profile.

3 Tactics to Put Your C-Level Executive Resume to Work Building Your Online Brand Identity

Did you know that top-level executives are routinely Googled by recruiters and hiring decision makers vetting candidates and searched for on LinkedIn?

If you have any presence online, you’re making a first impression before you find them and submit a resume. But if they can’t find you online, or if they find anything that discredits you, you won’t be in the running.

Recruiters Use LinkedIn To Find C-Level Executives Like You

Need proof that recruiters search LinkedIn more than other online social networks for top-level candidates, so you need to be there? I compiled some powerful comments from recruiters who attended a webinar about using LinkedIn.

Does Your Online Photo Send the Right Personal Brand Message?

Think about it, along with your personal brand statement, your photo (if you post one) on your LinkedIn profile, VisualCV, blog, and elsewhere online is likely the first thing people will see. Be very selective before publishing one and using it across all media.

Q&A With Jason Alba: The Inside Skinny on Using LinkedIn to Accelerate Executive Job Search

Coinciding with the release of the second edition of his book “I’m on LinkedIn – Now What???”, I asked Jason Alba some questions about the personal branding value of LinkedIn for C-level executives.

Get the Best Out of LinkedIn for Your Personal Brand, Networking, and Executive Job Search

A compilation of many blog posts about using LinkedIn by such social media experts as Jason Alba, Chris Muccio, Laura Schneider, Jacob Share, and Amit Agarwal.

LinkedIn and Blogging, Cohorts in Personal Branding and Executive Job Search

LinkedIn and blogging are two powerful ways to fairly quickly build your network, increase your credibility, build an accurate online presence, and brand your unique promise of value to your next employer. In tandem, they complement, support, and play off each other.


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1 William Welch October 3, 2009 at 6:14 pm

Visual CV sounds like a great idea but several parts of it are extremely slow and the e-mail function doesn’t seem to work. Still…once it gets going, it should be useful.

2 Meg Guiseppi October 4, 2009 at 9:18 am

Thanks for commenting, William.

VisualCV is indeed a powerful platform. The site has fairly good link weight, so a fully fleshed out VisualCV should land at the top of page one of search results for “your name”. My personal and business VisualCVs have brought clients to me and have been great e-branding tools for my clients.

Keep at it with your VisualCV. Over time, you’ll see results.

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