More of the Funniest Resume Blunders and Bloopers

by Meg Guiseppi on November 28, 2008


I thought a little levity was in order to lighten our spirits in these unsettling times. So I went back to JobMob’s 150 Funniest Resume Mistakes, Bloopers and Blunders Ever, and grabbed a few more from Jacob Share’s list.

These gems come from comments on Fortune’s Ask Annie column:

1. “An applicant ghosted a headshot as the background to her resume.”

2. Why Interested in Position?: “to keep my parole officer from putting back me in jail”

3. The objective on one recent resume I received stated that the applicant wished to pursue a challenging account executive position with our rival firm.

4. Objective: “career on the Information Supper Highway”

5. Experience: “Stalking, shipping & receiving”

6. “My duties included cleaning the restrooms and seating the customers.”

7. I once received a resume with a head and shoulders picture in the top left of the first page. The picture was of a lion’s head, wearing a coat, shirt, and tie.
8. A resume… was printed on the back of the person’s current employer’s letterhead.

9. One resume that came across my desk stated how the individual had won a contest for building toothpick bridges in middle school.

10. A resume… had several grease stains and a smudge of chocolate on it.

11. Other Interests: “Playing with my two dogs (They actually belong to my wife but I love the dogs more than my wife)”.

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