C-level Executive Resume and Biography Samples

Want to see how today’s c-level / senior-level executive resume and career biography should look and read, to have the best impact in your job search?

Here are a few examples I created for real clients. All identifying information has been fictionalized.

•  President-CEO-COO Manufacturing Operations Resume and Executive Brand Biography

I created these documents for my client Bruce Smythe, who is NOT in a confidential search. You can read about our collaboration in my Executive Career Brand blog post describing how we developed his executive brand.

The following are also documents I created for actual clients, but to protect their confidentiality, I’ve fictionalized all identifying information:

•  CEO Global Operations Management Resume

His accompanying Leadership Initiatives Profile supplies a deeper slice of key critical contributions.

His Executive Brand Biography further supports his brand and generates chemistry by providing insights into his “softer” personal attributes and his commitment to community.

•  CEO Entrepreneur — Business Process and Profitability Consultant Resume

•  Senior Partner — Acquisitions and Business Development Resume and Executive Brand Biography.

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But you don’t want to copy someone else’s brand and promise of value, right?

You want your career marketing communications to tell your own unique story and reflect what differentiates you from your competition, in words that speak from your own voice.

There are many reasons why it’s not a good idea to “use” the content from resume samples. Find out in my blog post, What’s Wrong with Copying an Executive Brand Resume Sample?

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