Executive Job Search Got You Down? Brighten Your Day with a Tickle

by Meg Guiseppi on January 19, 2009


We all need to lighten up from time to time and, with the present crushing economic landscape and job search challenges, we need some distractions more than ever.

Want to get your thoughts away from all that’s negative out there today?

I just came across a site you may want to noodle around on a bit to lift your spirits, as I just did.  

49 professionals from various walks of life — techies, activists, bankers, educators, and even an ex-combat pilot — started Tickled by Life in August 2008 with the objective to

“Surprise, provoke, inspire and wow you with articles on personal development and life skills. We stand by our original promise to enable you to live joyfully and creatively in your own way.”

Readers claim that, “just spending 10-15 minutes on this site every day gives them enough tickles to keep them on a high all day.”

To give you an idea of what they’re doing over there, here are a few popular “tickles” or blog posts:

  • Top 10 tips for being highly uncreative
  • Folding a T-Shirt in 1.5 Seconds!
  • 16 habits of highly creative people
  • Success through Personal Branding!
  • Zen and the Art of Coming Full Circle
  • A seven-step plan for success
  • Should your spouse live four houses away?
  • Communication is complete only when it is registered by the receiver!
  • Use the Hero Myth to create your leadership journey!
  • My Journey with Mind Maps!
  • PowerPoint is my slave!
  • Why is it good for you to be a vegetarian?
  • Say NO and feel great!
  • The Fine Art of Persuasive Communication!
  • Deciding how to decide!
  • How to get more done in less time
  • 50 ways to a bright idea!
  • Success is just like riding a bicycle
  • Teaching the teacher
  • Contentment vs. discontentment
  • I love to fail!
  • The power of unlearning

I hope you enjoy letting your mind wander a little, before getting back to the work at hand.

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