Best of Blogging For Brand Visibility and Credibility

by Meg Guiseppi on June 12, 2009

photo by Meg Guiseppi

photo by Meg Guiseppi

I’m crazy about blogging and every little thing involved with strategizing the marketing, creating content, posting to my blog, and learning from more experienced experts.

Although I still consider myself a novice, with more than a year’s worth of posts here on this blog (nearly 200 posts), I have some things to say about the benefits of blogging:

Blog Commenting: Build and Brand Your Online Identity and GQ (Google Quotient)

Make it easy for recruiters and hiring decision makers to find you online when they’re sourcing top-level candidates like you.

Top 10 Reasons My Personal Brand and I Love Blogging

I love what blogging does for my online personal brand identity and visibility, credibility as a subject matter expert, network-building, and creativity.

Finding My Blog Personal Brand Voice

Blogging from your own voice is a progressive thing. It’s all about getting comfortable with taking risks.

Is Your Personal Brand Lurking Behind the Blogging Scene?

Enjoy reading blogs? Instead of passively taking in all the good information, spread your personal brand by commenting on them.

My Personal Brand and Beloved Blog Are Getting Scraped

A blog called “Job Tips” ( owned by Robin Gupta (, who is ironically a Search Engine Optimization services provider, was born from content stolen from my Executive Resume Branding Blog. Read what I did about it.

Best Ways to Make Your Blog a Great Date For Your Readers

Blog to generate evangelism for you and your personal brand, and build your online identity.

A CFO in Medical Device Manufacturing Blogs His Personal Brand and Niche Expertise

I recently worked with a dynamic entrepreneur who had turned around his declining family-owned company, revitalized its deflated brand presence, expanded operations into China, and impacted impressive financial success.

He was ready for a career move, but knew the fact that he was invisible online would be a big problem. Starting his own blog was a good solution for him.

A CEO Entrepreneur Turns to Guest Blogging to Build Google Results and Her Personal Brand Online

My client, a CEO/Founder of a staggeringly successful entrepreneurial venture in Information and Communication Technology, was transitioning to corporate distress/turnaround management consulting. Guest blogging was her quick fix to move from invisible to digitally distinct.

Executive Job Search: Blogging Attracts Recruiters to Your eBrand

Advice on how to make your blogging recruiter-friendly and brand-reinforcing.

Build a Blog To Build a Better Network

One of the very best ways to build and brand your online presence and exponentially expand your network, is to start your own blog. Blogging has been readily embraced by entrepreneurs marketing their businesses and is taking hold with job seekers marketing their value to potential employers.


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