Ace Those Phone Interviews!

by Meg Guiseppi on April 11, 2012

Job Interview by Phone

Most executive job seekers can expect to do some job interviews via phone. Video conferencing or Skype video calls may also be in the picture.

According to Susan Adams in her Forbes article on phone interviews, more than half of executive recruiters and hiring managers do initial interviews on the phone.

She also notes that, despite the anxiety that may go with this type of interview, there are benefits. The candidate can easily refer to their prepared notes and materials, and they can take notes to reference when they follow up. Having that edge can make these interviews even more successful than in-person meetings.

Susan offered 10 tips to ace that phone interview:

1. Prepare as though it’s an in-person interview.

2. If the call comes out of the blue, say you’re in the middle of something and set a time to talk.

3. Make sure you’re in a quiet place with a good connection where you won’t be interrupted.

4. Ask how much time the interviewer has to talk.

5. Stand up and smile.

6. Early in the conversation, ask the interviewer what she’s looking for.

7. Don’t over-talk.

8. Listen closely.

9. Ask about the next step in the process.

10. Follow up.

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