4 Super Fast Strategies to Build Online Executive Branding

by Meg Guiseppi on July 8, 2009

Transform your high-impact, branded executive resume into page one Google search results for your name – practically overnight.

The situation: Your online presence is nonexistent or anemic. You know a Google search for “your name” will not impress anyone, let alone recruiters and hiring decision makers searching for top-level talent with your qualifications. You know you need to have at least one full page of accurate, on-brand search results that pertain to you. And you need it right away.

You don’t have time to start and nurture a blog or website. You don’t even have time to get set up as a guest blogger or write book reviews on Amazon. But you do have a great branded resume, or at least a pretty good one.

Need help building a great executive resume? See Think Like an Executive Resume Branding Expert.

Here are 4 things you can do with your resume to yield super quick search results for your name – maybe not overnight, but fast. Set aside a few hours and you should be able to get all this together:

1.  Build a branded LinkedIn profile with your resume.

Cut and paste everything in your resume into the appropriate places on LinkedIn.

  • Add a good-looking professional photo
  • Create a powerful, searchable professional headline
  • Personalize your LinkedIn URL
  • Add a link to your VisualCV (see below)
  • Lead the summary section with your executive leadership brand
  • Pop in your professional experience.

DONE! You can worry about getting active on LinkedIn a little later, but don’t forget to come back to it and leverage all LinkedIn has to offer.

2.  Build a basic branded VisualCV with your resume.

Cut and paste everything in your resume into the main VisualCV column. Add photo, headline, leadership brand, and professional experience, as you did with your LinkedIn profile.

Once you’re done, go back to your LinkedIn profile and add a link to your VisualCV.

Revisit your VisualCV later and make use of all the multi-media features to fully flesh it out.

3.  Build a Google Profile with your resume.

You get the drill. Cut and paste your resume (and some of your bio, if you have one) into a Google profile and add photo, headline, etc. Also add links to your LinkedIn profile and VisualCV.

Fill in the “Interests” query to generate chemistry for you and your personal brand.

A really nifty thing about Google Profiles is that when it shows up in your search results, it will sit at the bottom of the first page of your results with your photo. Now that’s attention-grabbing!

4.  Start commenting on relevant blogs with good link juice.

Google loves blogs, so your participation on blogs that Google loves will result in immediate search results for your name. Blog commenting, when done well, has a huge ROI for personal branding with very little investment of your time.

  • Find blogs your target audience is reading. 
  • For the long term, develop a manageable strategy for routine blog commenting on as many blogs as you can handle.
  • Use your Google profile URL for your website URL (unless you have a website) when you log in to post a comment.

For more on the value of commenting on blogs and how to do it, read 3 Tactics to Put Your C-Level Executive Resume to Work Building Your Online Brand Identity (look at tactic #3).

When you have time, expand your online presence with other social networking sites (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and content-building that reinforces your personal brand.

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1 Mohammed July 9, 2009 at 3:41 am

Great tips.

Thank you!

2 Meg Guiseppi July 9, 2009 at 5:12 am

Glad you found them helpful, Mohammed.


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