20 Little-Known, Insider Tips to Accelerate Your Executive Job Search

by Meg Guiseppi on March 19, 2014


Is your executive job search taking too long? Are you getting too few interviews, or none at all?

Insider Tips to Accelerate Executive Job Search

If you answered “Yes” to both questions, it’s time to turbo-charge your search with the advice in my new ebook:

20 Little-Known, Insider Tips to Accelerate Your Executive Job Search . . . and Land a 6 Figure Job Faster!

For instance, do you know:

  • How to use LinkedIn to find employees at the companies you’re targeting?
  • How sending a thank you note can help you land a job at a target company . . . even after they’ve rejected you for another job?

In the book, you’ll find answers to the questions above, among other important “little” job search strategies that I’ve learned over my 20+ years as a career professional.

I selected these tips because it’s been my experience that most executives don’t know about them. That means both you and your job-seeking competitors probably don’t know these strategies.

Following my tips can give you a distinct advantage over them, and propel you to land a great-fit new gig faster!

To get an idea of the kind of valuable advice you’ll find here, you can read a popular blog post of mine that comes directly from the book, The 3 Most Important LinkedIn Profile SEO Places for Relevant Keywords.

But in my new ebook, you’ll find a fourth important place for LinkedIn keywords.

The tips in this book supplement the “bigger”, full-scope strategies detailed in my executive job search guide, 23 Ways You Sabotage Your Executive Job Search and How Your Brand Will Help You Land . . . A practical guide to executive branding, marketing your ROI value and navigating the new world of job search.

As in my “23 Ways” ebook, I’ve included a bonus tip in this new one. So, you’ll actually get 21 winning strategies that can position you ahead of the competition!

Read more about my new “21 Tips” executive job search ebook, purchase it, and download it instantly.


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