Best of Executive Resume Branding Tactics and Advice

by Meg Guiseppi on May 22, 2009

My blog readers have asked me to help them sort through all the posts I’ve written on executive resumes and come up with a “best of” list. Here you go:

The Truth About Professional Executive Resume Writers

Along with creating vibrant career marketing communications that differentiate you and resonate with your target audience, executive resume experts offer a wealth of valuable job search knowledge and personal support.

7 Hot Tips to Build Personal Branding Into Your C-level Executive Resume 2.0

A really great resume generates chemistry with personal branding and differentiates your unique promise of value from everyone else’s. Extend the value of your executive resume by moving it online.

Top 10 Secrets of a Great Senior-level Executive Resume

The critical elements for your executive resume to do its job in the new world of senior-level executive job search.

Thinking of Copying an Executive Resume Sample For Your Own?

Create your own targeted resume. Personalize and brand your resume with a personal brand message differentiating your own unique combination of key attributes, pivotal strengths, and passions.

6 Big Reasons You Can’t Write Your Own Great C-Level Executive Resume

Nearly every C-level executive who comes to me has no idea how to strategically position their promise of value in their executive resume to get the attention they deserve.

C-level Executive Career Biography or Resume, Which Comes First?

A brand-solid executive career bio and resume work together as the foundation for your online identity, positioning your unique promise of value over others.

Think Like an Executive Resume Branding Expert

My 3-part series outlining the strategies you need to get under your belt to craft a top interview-generating, brand-driven executive resume.

1. Understanding the Importance of Personal Branding in Your Executive Resume

2. Building in Personal Branding and Your Value Proposition

3. Putting Together Your Executive Branded Resume

Above the Fold C-Level Personal Branding

Take a look at your executive resume, LinkedIn profile, VisualCV, and other career marketing communications. What has immediate impact? What do you notice first? Do your brand and value proposition hit home at first glance?

Whatever sits at the top of your online and “paper”  marketing communications will seal the first impression you make on anyone reading them.

3 Tactics to Put Your C-Level Executive Resume to Work Building Your Online Brand Identity

If you’re like most of the top-level executives I work with, the last time you were faced with a job search, the Internet didn’t critically impact the way you went about landing your next gig. The world of executive job search has changed a lot in just the past few years.

Is the Executive Resume Becoming Obsolete?

Is the traditional executive resume dead? Do I still need a resume? Are LinkedIn and VisualCV the new resume? Questions like these are floating around a lot lately, among executive job seekers and colleagues of mine in the careers industry. The answer is “maybe”.

My Resume Stinks: Top 10 Executive Resume Mistakes

If you’re getting little or no response with your resume, then you’re probably right, it does stink. And just when you got used to what an executive resume was supposed to look like, everything changed.

7 Deadly Signs That Your Executive Resume Needs To Go To Rehab

Is your executive resume in bad shape and you can’t deny it any longer? If it’s so bad you’re afraid to use it or if you’re using it and getting little or no response, your resume probably needs professional help.

Executive Resume Branding Secrets: What Contact Information to Include

Since most resumes these days are not delivered by regular mail and your privacy and security come into play with Internet use, the issue of contact information has shifted.

Executive Resume Branding Secrets: Lead Your Achievement Statements With the WOW! Result

To capture attention and drive home your promise of value to your next employer, follow my suggestions when crafting bulleted statements describing critical contributions you’ve made to past employers.

Objective Statements on Executive Resumes Are So Yesterday

The purpose of your resume is to ignite interest in you and compel hiring decision makers reading it to interview you. When crafting your resume, write for the reader. They don’t care what you want from the company, they care what you’ll do for the company.

How to Vet the Best Executive Resume Writer For You

I may not be the right resume writer or careers professional for you. I offer step-by-step advice on how to source and qualify someone who will be a mutually good fit.

My 3-part series:

1. Where to find the best executive resume writers and career strategists.

2. Assessing qualifications for your executive resume writer.

3. What questions to ask when talking with your potential executive resume writer.

And 2 more, just for fun …

Some of the Funniest Resume Bloopers I’ve Ever Seen

Jacob Share at JobMob has put together a list of 150 ridiculous mistakes that job seekers make on their resumes, cover letters, and applications, culled from various sources.

More of the Funniest Resume Blunders and Bloopers

I went back to JobMob and grabbed some more funny examples of what not to do with your resume.


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