10 Pivotal Personal Branding Principles

by Meg Guiseppi on May 2, 2012

Executive Personal Branding

You read a lot about personal branding these days.

If you’re facing a job search and doing some research on how to find a job in this market, you’re hard pressed to click anywhere without being inundated by content covering all the ins and outs of branding.

So you probably think you know what it’s all about. You “get” what branding is.

Or do you?

After all, the concept is pretty straightforward:

Define, differentiate and communicate the unique ROI (return on investment) value you offer your target audience over your competitors.

The target audience varies from person to person. Step one in defining your own brand is identifying and knowing who they are.

In job search and career management, your target audience is your future or current employer.

In business, if you’re an entrepreneur, your target audience is your customer or client base.

Either way, your brand messaging needs to resonate with that target audience. Your brand helps people decide whether to hire you, keep you as an employee, or do business with you.

Even though the concept of personal branding is simple, the elements that converge to exact a memorable brand and express it powerfully are complex.

Things like targeting, differentiating your unique value proposition and chemistry factor in. Jump over to Executive Career Brand for a breakdown of the 10 Keys To a Memorable Personal Brand.

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