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by Meg Guiseppi on May 15, 2009

Because personal branding is wrapped around so much of my work with clients, I blog about it constantly. Narrowing this compilation down to a manageable list was difficult. In fact, I couldn’t do it, so I’ve broken it into two posts. More will follow next Friday.

What Is Personal Branding?

The misconceptions about personal branding abound. The key to grasping the concept of personal branding is to understand the beauty of it — you already have a brand. It’s up to you to define and crystallize your own brand to resonate with your target audience.

10 Steps to Uncovering and Building Your Authentic Personal Brand

More and more C-level executives today understand that, in the new world of work, online and offline personal branding is the key to positioning them for their next best job and career advancement.

7 Hot Tips to Build Personal Branding Into Your C-level Executive Resume 2.0

A really great resume generates chemistry with personal branding and differentiates your unique promise of value from everyone else’s. I explain how to brand your “paper” resume and transform it into high-impact online profiles and e-branding opportunities.

Personal Branding Quiz: How Strong Is Your Executive Brand?

Are you a Mega-Brand, Super-Brand, Up-and-Coming Brand, or a Potential Brand?

4 Super Fast Strategies to Build Online Executive Branding

Transform your branded executive resume into page one Google search results for your name – practically overnight.

Google Profiles Powers Up Your Online Personal Brand Identity

Google pumped up the personal branding value of Google Profiles with the transformation into a photo-included customized listing in search results for your name. This is a big deal for personal e-branding!

Why Google Alerts Is One of My Favorite Personal Branding Tools

I encourage all executives, whether in a job search or for ongoing healthy career management, to leverage Google Alerts to build a strong brand-reinforcing online identity and connect with the very decision makers they’re probably trying to get in front of.

Above the Fold C-Level Personal Branding

Take a look at your executive resume, LinkedIn profile, VisualCV, and other career marketing communications. What has immediate impact? What do you notice first? Do your brand and value proposition hit home at first glance?

Whatever sits at the top of your online and “paper”  marketing communications will seal the first impression you make on anyone reading them.

Being Authentic in Your Executive Personal Brand Statement

Throughout my 20 years in the careers industry, I’ve been fortunate to work with some amazing and inspiring C-level executives.

The ones I love working with most are those who really get the concept of personal branding and are fired up by how it can help position them for job search success and career advancement.

Does Your Online Photo Send the Right Personal Brand Message?

Think about it, along with your personal brand statement, your photo (if you post one) is likely the first thing people will see in your online profile and elsewhere. Be very selective before publishing one and using it across all media. Your photo can either attract your target audience or turn them off.

What Did You Do For Your CEO Personal Brand Last Year?

Can you remember all the things you did last year that benefitted your companies and the people you worked with? If not, it’s time to reflect on contributions you made that will define your unique promise of value to your next company, before you forget the details.

Top 10 Trends for 2009 C-Level Executive Job Search & Personal Brand Management

With the crushing recession and today’s highly competitive top-level executive job market, differentiating your unique brand-value promise online and offline has become the best way to position yourself above the rest.

I explain what every top-level executive needs to be working on just to keep pace with their competition, in job search and overall healthy career management.


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1 Jeremy Waite October 11, 2010 at 10:33 am

Awesome post. Many thanks for the links. I’ve got a few more on my blog about personal branding if anyone wants a little bit more bedtime reading!

“Whoever tells the best stories goes home with the most marbles!”

2 Meg Guiseppi October 11, 2010 at 11:06 am

Thanks very much for your kind comment, Jeremy

You’ll find many more recent posts on Executive Personal & Career Branding, at my newer blogsite Executive Career Brand —

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