Land a GREAT-FIT New Executive GigAre you a c-level executive, senior-level executive or rising star?

CEO, CMO, CIO, COO, CFO, CXO, CTO, CBO, CCO, CKO, CSO, President, General Manager, Senior VP, VP, EVP

Does this describe you?

You’re considering a career move or you’re actually mired in job search, but …

→ you think a recruiter will easily slide you into your next gig, just the way it happened in the past.

→ you either didn’t need an executive resume and career biography to land your last job or two, or it’s been years since you updated them and your other career marketing documents.

→ you don’t realize that most recruiters and hiring decision makers now search the Web for people like you when vetting candidates and that without a strong, brand-solid online presence, you are probably invisible to them.

→ you’re lost when it comes to grasping the importance of personal branding and online brand identity-building — critical pieces in running a successful search campaign.

→ you’re a pretty decent face-to-face networker, but don’t have a clue about online social networking.

Sounds like you need help defining your executive personal brand and navigating the new world of executive job search.

We may be a good fit to work together.

My clients are savvy top-level executives, corporate leaders, and professionals who are willing to invest their time and funds in the best career marketing tools they can get.

Together we define their personal brand and create the vibrant, targeted personal marketing communications they need to differentiate and strategically position their unique value proposition ─ online and offline.

My clients understand that what I provide is much more than interview-generating documents to use in their job search. The branding, resume, and career biography development process, coupled with coaching and online identity-building, are powerful jolts to jumpstart their search.

Through our joint efforts, my clients are energized to move forward and jazzed about all they have to offer their next employer. They are better prepared to contribute and make their mark in interviews. They are primed to present themselves virtually and in person as the solution to employers’ challenges.


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